ZoneAlarm Mobile Security 1.64 Subscribed

ZoneAlarm Mobile Security 1.64
Version : 4.9.7
Price : Free
Mod : Subscribed
PackeName : com.checkpoint.zonealarm.mobilesecurity
Developer : ZoneAlarm
Size : 4138220 (3.95 MB)
Compatible : Android
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WHATS NEW IN ZoneAlarm Mobile Security 1.64

    – Introducing SMS phishing! Tap on My Device to learn more.
    – Multiple bug fixes and stability improvements.

ZoneAlarm Mobile Security APK Info:

With ZoneAlarm® Mobile Security for Android™ you can rest assured that your mobile device is fully secured from malicious apps and Wi-Fi attacks.

ZoneAlarm also detects viruses such as HummingBad malware,and new Android vulnerabilities: QuadRooter and Certifigate .

– Protects you from vulnerabilities on the device itself such as suspicious processes and operating system hacks.

– Most of the apps are safe, but not all of them. This layer protects you from vulnerabilities and privacy risks that are caused by suspicious and malicious apps and updates.

The latest virus is called HummingBad, can control your phone, collecting your personal data and making it act like you’ve clicked on ads that you haven’t.

– Even the most secure device can be hacked when connecting to a public Wi-Fi. In this layer we analyze how secure is your connection and alert you on Man-In-The-Middle Attacks, in which hackers can gains access to all the information sent from your smartphone to a Hotspot connection.

Now you can shop, bank, check emails and post on social media knowing that you’re secure.

Do not compromise for less than ZoneAlarm’s enterprise-grade protection brought to you by Check Point®, the world’s largest pure-security vendor.

★ Apps Protection- Scans for infected apps, and harmful updates and alerts you on risks.

★ Device Shield- Alerts you to suspicious processes and guards your operating system from attackers.

★ Wi-Fi Ranking- Ranks the Hotspots around you to ensure you connect to the most secure option.

★ Wi-Fi Protection- Detects unsafe Wi-Fi networks that can compromise your privacy.

★ 100% Privacy- We don’t collect or share any personal information with anyone.

★ No Ads- This app is only about your mobile security with no hassle.

To learn more on the latest Android vulnerabilities: QuadRoot, Certifi-Gate, and HummingBad visit

ZoneAlarm Mobile Security ZoneAlarm Mobile Security

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