Turbo Download Manager 5.17 Ad Free

Turbo Download Manager 5.17
Version : 4.9.6
Price :
Mod : Ad Free
PackeName :
Size : 3454544 (3.29 MB)
Compatible : Android
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WHATS NEW IN Turbo Download Manager 5.17

    Use alternative way to open files
    Fixed issue with downloading from Mobile Data
    Better way to enable Wifi
    Fixed issue with downloads not starting
    Moved Keep Wifi On setting under Network and Service sub categories

    Keep screen on
    Faster submitting Multiple Downloads
    Compatibility changes
    Fixed service notification
    Fixed issue with changing URLs
    Download using Mobile Data only in Foreground or with power connected
    Moved Network under separate settings
    Added network option Wifi Only

Turbo Download Manager APK Info:

TDM, The first App that brought Download Acceleration to Android devices in 2012 still continues to deliver fast speeds. Use the built-in Web Browser or any other browser (Dolphin, Firefox, Chrome, and others) to Share Links or Share Webpages with Turbo Download Manager and download multiple files in turbo speed!

TDM is an excellent tool for those who are constantly in touch with the web. Turbo boost your speed by enabling multiple connections and fine tune it with additional speed performance settings. You can pause/resume anytime and queue multiple downloads. Turn off the screen on your device it will continue the download and even let you know when it’s finished! Automatically resume failed downloads for poor networks. Download all type of files directly to your SD Card (except KitKat version).

New: Use both Wifi and Cell Networks at the same time for additional turbo boost downloads (Rooted Lollilpop+ devices only).


★ Built in Web Browser with Bookmarks & History

★ Acceleration with up to 10 multiple threads

★ Turbo Mode for maximum thread utilization

★ Network Boost Mode (Utilize Wifi & Cell Networks – Rooted devices only)

★ Unlimited file size downloads

★ Download directly to SD Card

★ Retry failed downloads when internet becomes available

★ Retry failed download on time intervals

★ Get All files from Webpages

★ Queue/Pause/Resume features

★ Notifications with Download Progress

★ Other Web Browser support (see list below)

★ Up to 3 Parallel downloads

★ Work in the background (even when phone screen is off)

★ Auto-rename files

★ Notifications (Visual/Sound/Light/Vibration)

★ Thumbnails for Videos and Images

★ Multimedia Library for easy access

★ MD5 Hash validation

What TDM does NOT do:

TDM does NOT offer free files itself.

TDM does NOT work with YouTube due to Google’s Terms of Service.

TDM will NOT increase your download speed beyond the maximum bandwidth provided by your Internet Provider or the maximum speed provided by the server you’re downloading from.

Other Web Browsers Supported:

Dolphin, Firefox, Skyfire (Long Press and choose “Share Link”)

Miren, UC Browser (Press on Links)

Chrome (Choose “Share Page” from the menu)

Boat Browser (Choose “Open”)

For all other browsers that support sharing links try Long Press on a link and choose “Share Link”.

* TDM is not affiliated with any of the above Browsers.

* Some Web Servers might not support multiple connections.

Turbo Download Manager Turbo Download Manager

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