The Best Direct Mutual Fund Investment App – Sqrrl 2.5.1

The Best Direct Mutual Fund Investment App – Sqrrl 2.5.1
Version : 4.9.7
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Developer : Sqrrl Fintech
Size : 16767520 (15.99 MB)
Compatible : Android
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WHATS NEW IN The Best Direct Mutual Fund Investment App – Sqrrl 2.5.1

    Returns 1: Worries 0

    Presenting before you a switch to migrate your existing investment on Sqrrl to Direct funds. Now score your financial goals with a single kick (or with our newly launched 3D touch :P)

    Earn 0.5-1.5% higher celebrate with a French wine :slightly_smiling_face:

The Best Direct Mutual Fund Investment App – Sqrrl APK Info:

⭐️ Invest spare change in a few minutes with the best investment app for Indians. It’s simple, secure, and offers direct (zero-commission) funds. ⭐️


We ask you to spend as usual while our app makes it easy to invest spare change from every transaction of yours and invest it automatically in the best mutual funds. Sqrrl is India’s simplest savings & money app that is focused to be more than just a mutual fund app.

By helping you invest your ‘Chutta paisa’ in high performing mutual funds, Sqrrl has helped thousands of young Indians spend and save, automatically.

Step 1: Complete the KYC – paperless and takes just a few taps.

Step 2: Start investing from any amount greater than ₹100.

Step 3: See your money grow & achieve your goals.



Sqrrl strikes the perfect balance between money saving and investment. Whether your goal is Tax saving, or SIP investment or you simply want to invest spare change, Sqrrl offers it all.


With Sqrrl, you can invest in direct (zero-commission) mutual funds and 0.5%-1.5% higher return. In the long term, this difference could add up to a good 30%. 


KYC verification with Sqrrl is completely paperless and can be done in under 3 minutes. Your easiest investment app requires just your Aadhaar number & PAN Card. 


We offer native support in 9 Languages – English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi, and Kannada. #MyMoneyMyLanguage


We’ve taken care of all the regulations so that you can safely invest money in our best investment app and see it grow.


Sqrrl’s dedicated investment experts are constantly working to ensure that your money is invested in best mutual funds. It’s the best mutual fund app you can invest with.


With Sqrrl, you don’t have to research or worry about complex financial jargons. Just sign-up, complete your KYC and enjoy reaching your financial goals.

◦ Effortlessly invest your spare change in the best performing mutual funds.

◦ Achieve your financial goals: Save for your bucket list – Europe trip, your kid’s education fund or a simple desire to save & grow.

◦ Earn upto 1.5% higher annual return by invest in direct (zero-commission) mutual funds.

◦ Setup a SIP or invest a lump sum amount and grow your money faster than a typical bank RD or FD. Saving big on tax: Sqrrl automatically chooses the best tax saving schemes & funds; investing in them on lump-sum or monthly basis.

◦ Track your progress: Daily updates of all your investments on app dashboard.

◦ Withdraw anytime at zero charges.

★ BUSINESS STANDARD: “Sqrrl makes investing spare change effortless and fun.”

★ OUTLOOK MONEY: “Helping millennials in rural and semi-urban India save by simplifying the process of investing in mutual funds”

★ ECONOMIC TIMES: “The free app will solve all investment related confusion.”

★ YOUR STORY: “Helps millennial squirrel away their investments & savings.”


◦ All your information is secured with 128-bit encryption.

◦ Dedicated customer support to help you 24×7

◦ Best performing funds picked by a team of expert investors with over 60+ years of experience.

◦ Registered with SEBI as Investment Advisor (INA200006612) 

◦ AMFI registered Mutual Fund Distributor (ARN-112848)

Sqrrl – your saving and money app will keep bringing the best of the features to help you save, invest, and prosper. This is the best investment app for females, college students, and people of all age – your money saving buddy, right in your pocket!

The Best Direct Mutual Fund Investment App - Sqrrl The Best Direct Mutual Fund Investment App - Sqrrl

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