Six Wheels and a Gun 4.43 Unlocked

Six Wheels and a Gun 4.43
Version : 4.9.6
Price :
Mod : Unlocked
PackeName : com.steenriver.buggy
Developer : Game Studio Abraham Stolk
Size : 7918333 (7.55 MB)
Compatible : Android
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WHATS NEW IN Six Wheels and a Gun 4.43

    – Fix crash in OpenSL-ES.

    – Don't crash on null-context in IAB java code.
    – More diagnostics on OpenSL-ES crashes.

    – Fresh new look for menu.
    – Hide navigation bar for full screen action.

    – Don't report EGL out of resources: it happens too often.

    – Create ES2 context, not ES3.
    – Report assertion failures so that they can be debugged.

    – Disable MSAA for better performance on devices that struggle with it.
    – Support 120Hz displays.

Six Wheels and a Gun APK Info:

Enjoy some tank versus tank action in this exciting simulation.

Your six wheeled buggy is capable of climbing any terrain and it will be a pleasure to drive.

The high accuracy of the physical simulation is unmatched.

You can enjoy this game completely for free, and NO ADS.

Go grab it and duke it out with your friends online.

You can customize your panzer on six wheels after unlocking the premium version with a single in app purchase. Fly your ensign into battle.



By popular demand: I’ve replaced the reticule with a much improved aiming system.

Now, the complete ballistics flight path is visualized.

If you like S.W.a.a.G. then please rate my app. With a better rating, Google may be persuaded to feature my game, bringing in more opponents for you to play against!



You can discuss the game at the user forum:!forum/six-wheels-and-a-gun



This game was re-released, with all new online action.

New levels, avatars, leader boards, achievements, friend invites!



You can play this game with a blue-tooth game pad.

Left stick: AIM

Right stick: STEER

Left Trigger: BRAKE

Right Trigger: ACCELERATE


Shoulder buttons: FIRE

A-Button: FIRE



Private: starting rank.

Corporal: finished tutorial level.

Sergeant: Completed gunnery range exercise.

Lieutenant: First kill against A.I. tank,

Captain: First kill against human opponent.

Major: Five consecutive wins.

Colonel: Twenty-five consecutive wins in multi player.

General: Fifty consecutive wins in multi player.

Six Wheels and a Gun Six Wheels and a Gun

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