Shadow Battle 2.0 2.2.02 Free Shopping

Shadow Battle 2.0 2.2.02
Version : 4.9.5
Price : Free
Mod : Free Shopping
PackeName : com.shadow.battle.superhero
Developer : Blackhole Studio
Size : 91685607 (87.44 MB)
Compatible : Android
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WHATS NEW IN Shadow Battle 2.0 2.2.02


    New features in 2.2:
    – Online multiplayer: Arena – Compete with other players around the world!
    – New game mode: TagTeam – Bring a team of 3 different heroes into one battle!
    – Leaderboards: 5 different leaderboards to show off your scores!
    – Engine upgrade as the foundation for many new features to come!

    New features in 2.1:
    – Rebalance for easier leveling.
    – Improved control.
    – Completely new UI.
    – And more!

Shadow Battle 2.0 APK Info:

Defeat the SHADOW force in the brutal fighting game Shadow Battle 2.1.

The Universe is in danger and has been corrupted by the SHADOW force. The Cube, a magical artifact, is holding all the most powerful heroes’ souls inside it and it is up to you, the Commander, to free them and fight the evil SHADOW forces to save the Universe.

Assemble and collect all the heroes. They all have different classes and unique abilities that you can use to your advantage in battle. Manage your forces, fight alongside your heroes and prepare a deadly attack against your enemy.

Collect emblems, win cubes and unlock amazing loot along the way. There are incredible resources to take advantage of, rare heroes to discover, diamonds to earn and priceless rewards to get as you fight your way to victory.

Your battles will take you across space and will have you visiting all kinds of amazing new places, stars and planets.

Play against other Shadow Battle players across the world for an even bigger challenge. There are epic rewards to earn by winning these battles that will give you the opportunity to upgrade your army even more! Rise up the ranks and become the best Commander in the whole world.

Shadow Battle 2.1 is chaotic, fast and brutal action at its best. With its RPG elements, amazing characters and incredible visuals, Shadow Battle 2.1 is a fighting game you can’t skip. Play it now, on your Android device!

Shadow Battle 2.0 Shadow Battle 2.0

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