Quadropoly Pro 1.23.0

Quadropoly Pro 1.23.0
Version : 4.9.6
Price : $4.00
Mod :
PackeName :
Developer : Clever Mind Games
Size : 22869932 (21.81 MB)
Compatible : Android 3.2 and up
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WHATS NEW IN Quadropoly Pro 1.23.0

    ? Property details graphics reworked
    ? Auction UI and graphics reworked
    ? In-game help expanded with info about AI levels
    ? Many action buttons got new look and been moved to better positions
    ? Chips got additional label to show when special modifier has been applied to player’s next landing (x2, x3 etc)
    ⚡ Improved performance for most animations, speed adjustments
    ? AI version upgraded to 271
    ?? Various UI improvements and bug fixes

Quadropoly Pro APK Info:

Welcome to the World of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence! This is a classic Property Trading Game with AI capable of winning World Championship. Artificial Intelligence in Quadropoly is making the same revolution in Monopoly as Deep Blue made in chess 20 years ago

💞 With over a dozen of Monopolies in Play Store, what makes Quadropoly stand out from the crowd?

🎯 This is the first and so far the only successful attempt to build real Artificial Intelligence for Monopoly using Machine Learning. Comparing bots in second best Property Trading game with Quadropoly AI is like comparing a speed bump with Mount Everest

📇 Quadropoly supports all core Monopoly rules and features, not just the easy to implement ones

🎻 The most extensive game customization options, fully supported by automatically adjusted AI behavior

🌠 Variable animation speed and improved balance ⚖ makes it possible to complete a game in 10-15 minutes on average, with 95% of games finishing between 4 and 10 rounds

🌏 The game has been built in Melbourne 🇦🇺, so Fair Play is encoded in our DNA. Players are never treated unfavorably by AI, AIs never do one-sided trades, the dice 🎲 are completely random and every game event could be inspected, replayed and analysed

💾 The only game which guaranties data integrity (no data is ever being lost and every dice roll is final)

📲 Every user action made possible with minimum taps required

📠 Closed feedback loop. Full anonymous logs (5-8Kb per game) are uploaded to the Cloud for Machine Learning: AI gets better with every new good player (25%+ winrate on Monopolist level)

🆕 Weekly version updates with new features, UI improvements and more

Whether you are a seasoned tournament player eager to learn new tricks to use against your opponents during championships, or just a Board Games lover ready for a true challenge, this game is for you!

🎭 Every AI is unique and has its own personality, which defines their risk taking or risk averse tendencies as well as the attitude towards property. These guys just love to haggle!

🔵 200+ unique AI strategies with the list expanding weekly

🔵 2-4 players, either human or AI in any possible combinations (the game with 4 AIs is perfectly fine and encouraged to be used for educational purposes)

🔵 30+ Chance and 30+ Chest cards for player to choose from. Cards could be selected and inspected before the beginning of the game

🔵 We love data: visualization of all stats related to your game

🔵 Account scores, statistics and challenges

🔵 4 difficulty levels:

🏰 Monopolist: 100000+ personalities, each with its own minor defects and biases. Has full access to the range of available tactics, capable of coming up with brand new strategy. Emulates real person with enormous experience in Monopoly and IQ of 110

🏠 Entrepreneur: Uses 90% of all available tactics. Has strong biases towards every set, either loves or hates them deeply. Has 65% chance of forgetting to trade or build during his turn. Emulates real person with a lot of experience in Monopoly and IQ of 90

⛺ Tradie: Uses only half of the tactics available. Has extremely strong views towards every set, either positive or negative but never neutral. Has 83% chance of forgetting to trade or build during his turn. Emulates real person with less than 200 games experience in Monopoly and IQ of 75

⛄ Beginner: Does not propose trades to AIs, uses only 30% of tactics available

🚫 No social network account required

🚨 Be warned: even ⛺ Tradie AI is much smarter than anything you have ever seen before

📡 Please visit for strategy tips, full list of game features, project roadmap and more

No tearable music to tear you away from the tearanny of the AI

This is a Pro version – no 🚫 ads, halved Score requirements to unlock new AI levels, more recent content with additional free premium features coming soon!

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