PolyKromos 1

PolyKromos 1
Version : 4.9.5
Price : €0.99
Mod :
PackeName : com.AlienRealmStudio.PolyKromos
Developer : Alien Realm Studio
Size : 47852643 (45.64 MB)
Compatible : Android
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    Initial release.

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What makes orange? What makes green? What makes violet? PolyKromos is a simple and addictive casual game for all ages. Create all the colors of the rainbow by holding down one of the primary color buttons or by combining two buttons to create a secondary color. Tilt your device to avoid enemies and impassable barriers while collecting power-ups and achievements along the way. Collecting all 140 achievements will unlock secret free bonus content! See how quickly you can think and react while continually increasing speed across the beautiful and always unique environments.

To play, tilt your device to control the ball. The forward speed of the ball will increase over time. Use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to match the color of the barrier in front of your ball. Holding down one button will turn your ball the color of the button being held down and holding two buttons down will combine those primary colors into a secondary color. Red and yellow makes orange, yellow and blue makes green, and red and blue makes violet. Release the buttons to make your ball white. You will take damage if you hit a black barrier or an enemy unless you have a rainbow power-up. Collect heart power-ups to gain an extra life and slowdown power-ups to slow the forward speed of your ball.

PolyKromos PolyKromos

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