MPG 3.0.3

MPG 3.0.3
Version : 4.9.8
Price :
Mod :
PackeName : com.monpetitgazon.monpetitgazonapp
Size : 65505135 (62.47 MB)
Compatible : Android
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    You're struggling a little recall the players' stats from last season to make your transfers? Magic, we added every player's stats from last season in the DATA tab. In addition to this, you can now add a player directly to your practice transfer window from the same DATA tab by clicking on the blue +. You're welcome !


Are you ready? Because MPG is going to reinvent your Fantasy Football experience.

Forget about boring points and never-ending rankings. Inside a private league, you’ll face a friend every week-end. You will win your MPG game (for instance 2-1) if your players (ENG/FR/SPA leagues) score or if they play well in the REAL life. If you have (Hurri)Kane and he scores a hat-trick? 3 goals for you. A good mark out of 10 (given by our algorithm based on 80 different statistics), and you can score a “MPG goal”.

Before that, you will have spent £500M to buy the best players possible against your friends (who will have the best strikers after 3 bidding rounds?).

The game already counts 800,000 in Europe (even worse: they like Monday mornings again / day of results).

Wanna give it a shot?


PS: complete rules >

PS2: surprised? happy? not convinced? Write to us on [email protected], we are chatty.


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