Mobile Booster Pro 1.0.1

Mobile Booster Pro 1.0.1
Version : 4.9.8
Price : €2.49
Mod :
PackeName : com.banish.mobileboosterpro
Developer : AppMagic GmbH
Size : 1976508 (1.88 MB)
Compatible : Android
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WHATS NEW IN Mobile Booster Pro 1.0.1

    1. Exclusive version for Nougat & Oreo to enhance 200% more speed
    2. The Performance improvements by 120% & bug fixes keep rolling on
    3. Languages supported:
    >> English
    >> French
    >> German
    >> Hindi
    >> Hungarian
    >> Indonesian
    >> Polish
    >> Portuguese
    >> Russian
    >> Slovak
    >> Spanish
    >> Thai
    >> Vietnamese
    4. Rich Reporting feature added
    5. 2 MB APK size
    6. Battery Life Enhanced Technology
    7. Keep enjoying the lighter version
    8. Every 5th installer will get a surprise gift

Mobile Booster Pro APK Info:

Mobile Booster Pro help you to improve Android phone performance, clear unwanted apps and back up important ones, free up your phone’s and sd card storage, boost memory and enhance phone speed.

If your Android device is running slow then you can easily speed up your device with Mobile Optimizer.

It helps accelerate Ram and clean up junk and cache files!

Languages supported:

★ English

★ French

★ German

★ Hindi

★ Hungarian

★ Indonesian

★ Polish

★ Portuguese

★ Russian

★ Slovak

★ Spanish

★ Thai

★ Vietnamese

Have you ever encounter the following problems?

◆Your device is lagging and freezes all the time

◆You don’t have enough space to take more pictures or install apps

◆Your battery has started draining quicker than ever

◆Your device overheats and needs to cool down


✓ Free up memory (RAM) and enhance speed.


✓ Delete junk cache files, free up storage space and improve phone performance.


✓ Stop apps that are consuming too much CPU and cool down your device.


✓ Backup your apps, remove unwanted apps.


✓ Make your game run faster by freeing up memory before launching the game.


✓ Extend your phone’s battery life;


✓ Gives you useful info about your Android phone.



Free up memory, clean up storage and save more battery with just one tap straight from the app’s main screen.


When your battery is running low, ever wonder how much time you’ve got left? Get real-time estimates on how many hours (or minutes!) your battery has left based on what settings are running. We’ll suggest the ones you might want to close to keep your battery running longer.

We also automatically detect power consuming apps so you can choose to stop it with just one-click. Save more power on the spot with easy sensor shortcuts from the main screen. The battery life indicator displays the exact battery life in the status bar.


Every once in a while, your device could use a good spring clean. Storage Cleaner checks for hidden and unnecessary files you don’t need hogging up your device. We flag any extra-large (10MB+) or temporary files ready to delete. You always have control on what to remove and what to keep. This includes those pesky blurry or similar photos, and apps or files you haven’t used in a while. We’ll help you remove them to reclaim even more space and speed. We’ll even check your SD card, if you’re using one.


When your device seems to be running slow, it might be due to background activities you don’t need at the moment. Memory Cleaner flags these activities and lets you choose which ones should take a break, giving back the speed you need to do what you really want.

Mobile Optimizer is right here to deal with all issues that slow down your Android device performance! Mobile Optimizer is here to help you to Clean and Speed Up android device, android system or in one touch optimize all files on your tablet or smartphone! It will help you master and optimize your background apps, memory space, junk (cache) files and battery power, as well as inspect apps permissions and secure your phone from viruses.

Please write an email if you have any problems, questions or feature requests at [email protected]

Thanks & Regards.

Magical App Team.

Mobile Booster Pro Mobile Booster Pro

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