Logic Puzzles: Linedoku 1.8.10

Logic Puzzles: Linedoku 1.8.10
Version : 4.9.7
Price :
Mod :
PackeName : com.mindmill.pipes.loops.plumber.puzzle
Developer : Mindmill
Size : 13052070 (12.45 MB)
Compatible : Android
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WHATS NEW IN Logic Puzzles: Linedoku 1.8.10

    – Crash Fixes
    – Level Fixes

Logic Puzzles: Linedoku APK Info:

Linedoku is a bundle of minimalist and smart logic puzzle games for kids & adults.

Enjoy colorful flow games, pipe games, slide puzzles, connect dots, make infinite loops or link numbers – The perfect time killers!

Challenge yourself, train your brain and become the puzzle king! …or just relax and solve some levels.

A classic Block Puzzle Game interpreted in a new way. Drag and drop the blocks over the board and cover all the dots. Blocks shouldn’t overlap and only be placed on the paths they fit into.

Find a way; Connect the numbers smartly in ascending order and draw puzzling one-line-mazes.

Connect all the dots smartly and fill the grid to solve the level.

Fun level: Infinity. Loop puzzles about spinning and connecting cells to create infinite loops. Discover all the unique art pieces that unfold themselves.

Tired of Sudoku? Here’s a simple alternative. Fill the grid by drawing traces on the board. The number of traces per knot are limited and can only be drawn as straigt lines. The level is completed after every cell in the grid is filled.

Draw traces between dots of the same color and create a flow of colors. Fill the whole grid and connect all the dots to master the level.

A classic slide puzzle. Shift and move the blocks and let the colors unroll through the path. Solve the level by connecting all the color sources with each other. The path also has to be a closed flow.

Link the cells naturally together to create an endless flow of different colors. Be like a weaver of lines.

* Minimalist and adult design

* Play the best logic games all in one app

* One touch gameplay – play smoothly one handed

* train your brain with 4500 levels completely free to play

* no wifi, no problem – playable offline

* Clear your mind in the ‘relax’- mode

* Fill up brain power in the challenge mode

* Free content updates

* Compare your progress with other players on the leaderboards

Logic Puzzles: Linedoku Logic Puzzles: Linedoku

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