FPV Freerider 2.3

FPV Freerider 2.3
Version : 4.9.6
Price : €3.90
Mod :
PackeName : com.Freeride.Freerider
Developer : FPV Freerider
Size : 102271248 (97.53 MB)
Compatible : Android
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WHATS NEW IN FPV Freerider 2.3

    – Google Cardboard type VR goggles support
    – Headtracking option for LOS view (Your device needs to have a gyroscope)
    – On-screen menu buttons now automatically hides when flying with a controller

    To navigate the menus when using goggles:
    Either take your device out of the viewer every time or navigate the menus by:
    – Connecting a bluetooth mouse, or bluetooth keyboard with a trackpad
    – Using a USB OTG cable with several inputs to connect a mouse and/or keyboard

FPV Freerider APK Info:

Fly (and crash!) all you want regardless of rain, wind, sleet or snow.

Supports first person view (FPV) and line of sight (LOS) flying.

Supports self-leveling and acro mode, as well as 3D mode (for inverted flying).

Includes six sceneries.

Custom settings for input rates, camera and physics.

Option for low resolution mode (to be able to get higher framerate)

Touchscreen controls support mode 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Mode 2 is default input:

Left stick – Throttle/Yaw

Right stick – Pitch/Roll

This simulator requires a high end device.

Note that this is a RC flight simulator, not a game. You might find that the controls are hard, but that’s because it’s made to mimic real life. It is highly recommended to use a good physical controller.

If your device supports USB OTG and you have the right cable you can try to use a USB gamepad/controller for better control.

There is a free demo available that you can try to see if it works with your controller.

Physical controllers are configurable between mode 1,2,3 and 4.

There is no guarantee that it will work with your device/controller. If you have any problems please send an email and I might be able to help.

Controllers that have been used successfully include FrSky Taranis, Spektrum, Devo, Turnigy and Eachine radios, Xbox, Playstation, Moga and Logitech gamepads, Realflight and Esky USB controllers. Please try the free demo version to see if it will work with your particular setup.

User manual (PDF)

portable drone / multirotor / quadrocopter / miniquad simulator

FPV Freerider FPV Freerider

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