Forced MuteMode:Default Camera 1.1.6

Forced MuteMode:Default Camera 1.1.6
Version : 4.9.6
Price : €1.89
Mod :
PackeName :
Developer : Hardcore Soft Company
Size : 363256 (354.74 KB)
Compatible : Android
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WHATS NEW IN Forced MuteMode:Default Camera 1.1.6

    2018.05.03 – minor bug fixed.
    2018.04.03 – minor bug fixed
    2018.02.25 – Widget size changed, minor bug fixed
    2017.11.14 – Accessibility Service Description
    2017.07.25 – S8, S8+ bug fixed
    2017.06.12 – cocktailbarservice bug fixed
    2017.06.02 – system UI bug fixed

Forced MuteMode:Default Camera APK Info:

※Accessibility services are used in this app.※

※If you installed the Lite version of this application, Please uninstall Lite version to use the paid version.※

● Why is this camera application good for you? ●

1. Just click “Forced MuteMode” to mute your whole device.

2. Use when you are in a library or class for amazing quick pictures.

3. Use it to take a picture of a sleeping baby or pet.

4. No more bad quality mute apps. Now take silent pictures with your high-quality default camera app.

5. Select apps to automatically mute with the auto-launching option.

6. Use the very convenient widget function.

※Do not use this app for any illegal activities. The developers take no responsibility for any inappropriate use.※

● How to use ●

1. Forced MuteMode: Just select Forced MuteMode and mute the entire device. Deselect this mode in order to hear a phone call or alarm.

2. Auto MuteMode: Use this to automatically mute selected apps. Just select apps that you want to use in Auto MuteMode and enable accessibility service for these apps. Then your phone will be muted only when your chosen app is launched.

Forced MuteMode:Default Camera Forced MuteMode:Default Camera

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