Dancing Line
Version : 4.9.7
Price :
Mod : Mega Mods
PackeName : com.cmplay.dancingline
Developer : Cheetah Games
Size : 43590653 (41.57 MB)
Compatible : Android
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WHATS NEW IN Dancing Line

    **World Cup Update**
    Special event for The World Cup is coming! Beat the HARDEST level in this chilling summer!
    – New level: The Football. Dare you challenge and become the champion of your own?
    – New event: Team up with Dancing Line now and get limited FREE rewards now.
    – New line skin: Fireball, only available in this special update.
    And don't forget to follow us on Facebook @DancingLineGame for more information.

Dancing Line APK Info:

Enjoy a world of music with the incredibly addictive game Dancing Line.

Dancing Line is a special kind of rhythm game, one that is played just by tapping the screen with one finger. The goal is to take the line across the levels, helping it make the hard turns in its path. Music will play as you move along, perfectly synced up to your line’s movements.

The concept is simple, the gameplay is addictive and music plays a key role in your quest to master the levels that await you. Avoid obstacles, nail every turn and reach the end of every challenge.

Get ready to marvel at the sight of all the very different environments you’ll go through. The game is bright, colorful and the original soundtrack that accompanies every level, with its catchy beats and melodies, will make you want to come back for more and more.

And if you’re having a hard time getting a hand of the controls, there’s a practice mode that lets you try to master the precision of the taps before you move on to the real adventure!

Travel at high speeds as a never-ending line and use music as your ultimate guide in the Dancing Line game.

Dancing Line Dancing Line

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