Custom Search Bar Widget CSBW 2.0.4 Unlocked

Custom Search Bar Widget CSBW 2.0.4
Version : 4.9.5
Price :
Mod : Unlocked
PackeName : com.natewren.csbw
Developer : Nate Wren Design
Size : 12738434 (12.15 MB)
Compatible : Android
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WHATS NEW IN Custom Search Bar Widget CSBW 2.0.4

    Fixed some issues with Google Now Voice Search
    Added new voice search option: Google Assistant

Custom Search Bar Widget CSBW APK Info:

Custom Search Bar Widget (CSBW) is a fully editable search bar widget with a custom icon drawer. The widget can be changed in multiple ways to match your device’s current theme. The drawer includes editable icons that can switch search engines, provide quick links to apps, or apply functions such as copy and paste.


• Fully customize all aspects of the search bar widget and icon drawer.

• Save search bar themes and load them later.

• Keyword search suggestions.

• Set-up search for installed apps instead of Google.

• Switch between search engines or apps such as Play Music, Spotify, Wikipedia, Amazon, etc.

• Add new search engines, or add new apps to search to the included icon drawer.

• Pre-made themes included for quickly applying theme to search bar.

Pro Version:

• Customizeable Pixel Launcher Search Bar (hamburger, pill, whatever you want to call it.)

• Date option for Pixel Search bar.

• More customization options.

• Option to add icon drawer to home screen widget.

Google Now vs Google Web Search:

– Text searches default to Google web search

– Microphone Searches default to Google Now (Android 4.1+)

– These settings can be changed in Appearance>Edit Widget

Custom Search Items:

You can add a custom website’s search by copying and pasting the results page URL into the custom field in CSBW.

In Add>Search Item>Custom:

1. Copy the URL of the search results page from the site you want to add.

For Example:

2. Replace “cassablanca” with “%s” in the input field.The “%s” is a placeholder for the text you will enter into the CSBW search bar.

3. The URL you will add to CSBW Custom search item:

Custom Search Bar Widget CSBW Custom Search Bar Widget CSBW

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