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Conscientia 1.0.4

Conscientia 1.0.4
Version : 4.9.5
Price : €3.29
Mod :
PackeName :
Developer : Chaos is Harmony Official
Size : 49528023 (47.23 MB)
Compatible : Android
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WHATS NEW IN Conscientia 1.0.4

    – Improvements to parts of the Wellspring, parts of the Nether Edge and parts of the Sanc
    – Added contingency for Joshua Salo
    – Failed to replicate bugs found by the other person who has now deleted their review, but with more info, I might be able to find the bugs and fix

Conscientia APK Info:

If you have not played the Book of Eidos previously, it is available for download on the PlayStore, free of charge. If you enjoy it, you should consider purchasing the rest of the series.

The app you are currently viewing, however, is the repository for present and future books of the Conscientia series. Currently available books are:

The Book of Eidos

The Book of Torma

Books to be written include:

The Book of Biracul

The Book of Rikharr

The Book of Thetian

The Book of Wulfias

This is a one-time pay deal: you pay the price and you get access to all current and future books for as long as Google doesn’t go the way of the Vanquished. In essence, you pay for what is currently out (so even if I die prematurely, you won’t have wasted your precious gold doubloons on books that will never materialize). However, as an added bonus for your support, you get all future books in perpetuity. As new books come out, I will raise the price to reflect the quantity of books currently available.

Hope you enjoy it! Please review if you did, and for more information, visit our subreddit.

Conscientia Conscientia

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