Camping 1.0.4

Camping 1.0.4
Version : 4.9.7
Price : €1.99
Mod :
PackeName : de.heicompany.nana.camping
Developer : Nana Games
Size : 49694470 (47.39 MB)
Compatible : Android
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WHATS NEW IN Camping 1.0.4

    Free Content-Update!
    Now there are 32 things to discover.

    Check out the brand new… rainbow!

Camping APK Info:

This is the place to have a vacation!

This crayon camping-scene located by the sea shows people, animals and other things that invite you and your kids the be discovered.

The picture contains 31 clickable objects.

Does your kid find them all? And if not: can you help her/him?

My daughter is my best tester.

She has a lot of fun with the app and keeps enjoying the animations.

One or another animation is imitated – very much to our pleasure.

I hope you and your family will also have just as much fun with the app.

It’s just “one scene” – but it come at a price of about a scoop of ice-cream. Please keep that in mind.


– fondly graphics

– fondly sounds and effects

– NO in-app-purchases!

– NO links or other commercials!

– NO collection of user data!

– no distracting menu

– no texts

– full-screen (“Immersive-Mode”), if technically possible (to avoid or at least reduce the chance of accidentially exiting the app).

Note: On tablets the screen will show the entire picture/scene. On devices with smaller display sizes you will see a section of the scene (zoomed in) and you can navigate to the other sections of the scene.

(also see relating screenshots)

Camping Camping

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