Bluecoins- Finance, Budget, Money, Expense Tracker 404.37.01 Premium

Bluecoins- Finance, Budget, Money, Expense Tracker 404.37.01
Version : 4.9.6
Price :
Mod : Premium
PackeName : com.rammigsoftware.bluecoins
Developer : Rammig Software
Size : 11398930 (10.87 MB)
Compatible : Android
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WHATS NEW IN Bluecoins- Finance, Budget, Money, Expense Tracker 404.37.01

    Optimizations & minor bug fixes

    Transaction entry improvements
    Sort most used currencies to the top
    Quarterly and annual chart options
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    Major Chart Improvements
    Tab Labels/Items UI Update
    Category icons, compact category selector
    Printing,PDF & QIF Support

    Help translations-

Bluecoins- Finance, Budget, Money, Expense Tracker APK Info:

is an incredibly simple & powerful app for expense tracking & planning where your money goes. It allows you to easily plan a budget, never forget a bill & spend money with confidence! With cloud sync & multi-currency support, you have instant access to your personal finance data on any device, anytime, anywhere!

Featuring a clean, simple UI that makes it very easy to understand your financial standing from the big picture to the smallest details. Bluecoins uses internationally recognized standard accounting principles, it would not take long before everything becomes familiar to you.

Hundreds of thousands of people uses Bluecoins everyday. It’s simple & effective approach have users saying Bluecoins have made budgeting, expense tracking & finance planning an easy, enjoyable & to some, an addicting task! Read more about the key features of Bluecoins:

✔️ Daily Summary

✔️ Monthly Calendar

✔️ Expense, Income & Net Earnings

✔️ Cash Flow

✔️ Budget Tracking

✔️ Credit Card Summary

✔️ Net Worth Summary & more

✔️ Setup categories and sub-categories to track your expenses

✔️ Setup weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual budget plans

✔️ Expense tracking against your target budget

✔️ Predict how much money you will spend and money remaining to keep you ahead of any potential troubles

✔️ Balance Sheet feature keeps you on top of all your accounts

✔️ Reconcile your accounts easily

✔️ Credit Card management tools to help you stay on top of your credit

✔️ Track your account balance and net worth at any point in time

✔️ Predict your future account balances and net worth

✔️ Recording expense can be as simple as entering amount

✔️ Or include as many information as you want (payee, labels, notes, etc)

✔️ Attach photos or any files (such as pdf)

✔️ Setup Banking SMS detection to quickly record a transaction upon receiving SMS

✔️ Smart recognition of historical records for quick repeat entries

✔️ Import transactions from your Bank’s QIF or Excel(CSV)

✔️ Schedule your utilities, bills & payment so you never miss a bill again!

✔️ Calendar allows you to pinpoint your obligations on any given day or month

✔️ Powerful scheduling allows you to setup any type of schedule

✔️ Weekly, bi-weekly, every 3 weeks, monthly, quarterly, etc!

✔️ Backup and sync data using Google Drive or DropBox

✔️ Access your data across multiple devices and family members

✔️ Setup transactions or accounts in any currency

✔️ Support for the top 100 cryptocurrencies (bitcoin, ethereum & more)

✔️ Built-in exchange rate downloader

✔️ Bluecoins is translated to 30 languages with the help of our loyal community around the world!

✔️ Visit to help translate in your own language

✔️ Fingerprint and Password Security

✔️ Fingerprint and Password Security

✔️ Export reports in PDF, Excel & HTML

✔️ 7 different UI themes

✔️ Powerful finance search engine. Search using any combination of categories, accounts, labels, notes & more!

– required by Google Drive for syncing

– required for SMS banking notification

Lot of guides, tips & support available at

If ever you run into any issues, the best place to discuss is not in the review section but by sending email to [email protected]

Bluecoins- Finance, Budget, Money, Expense Tracker Bluecoins- Finance, Budget, Money, Expense Tracker

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