Beach Buggy Racing 1.2.20
Version : 4.9.7
Price :
Mod : Mega Mods
PackeName : com.vectorunit.purple.googleplay
Developer : Vector Unit
Size : 154451442 (147.30 MB)
Compatible : Android
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WHATS NEW IN Beach Buggy Racing 1.2.20

    – Added player choice for targeted vs non-targeted advertising
    – Moved Privacy options to their own screen under "Settings"

Beach Buggy Racing APK Info:

Enter the fast-paced races of Beach Buggy Racing!

Grab the wheel and destroy your competition in this new addictive racing game, the sequel to Beach Buggy Blitz, which took the world by storm and over 30 millions players worldwide played.

First, pick a character. You can recruit a whole team of drivers, with different abilities and special powers like teleportation, flaming fire tracks and confusion spells, among others. Which one will you go with?

As for the cars, there are plenty to choose from! Either go with a monster truck, a muscle car or even a lunar rover! Spend your money and customize your ride! Change its color, pick a different pattern and upgrade parts of the vehicle.

15 incredible racetracks are waiting for you and they all have a unique look and feel. Go through beaches, jungles, and scary volcanoes. Enter crazy-looking giant skulls and marvel at the sight of dinosaurs. You are in for a ride!

Grab all the power-ups you can get along the way and find out their devastating effects. There are 25 unique special powers that will blow you away, like Dodge Ball Frenzy, Oil Slick and Fireball.

Enjoy this game with your friends! Not only can you play split-screen multiplayer with up to 4 friends by connecting your phone to your TV or by using Android TV, but you can also compete in the online leaderboards! Compare achievements and see who the best driver is.

And there are some neat extra features like the ability to back up your game to the cloud, so you can play it in other devices with a Google account, and the option to play with tilt steering, touchscreen controls or a USB/Bluetooth gamepad. Play the game your way!

Beach Buggy Racing is frenetic 3D racing at its best. Pick up your Android phone and reach the finish line!

Beach Buggy Racing Beach Buggy Racing

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