Balthazar and The Mad King 4

Balthazar and The Mad King 4
Version : 4.9.5
Price : €1.89
Mod :
PackeName : com.cochleateam.balthazaragatineau
Developer : Cochlea Team
Size : 100495069 (95.84 MB)
Compatible : Android
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Balthazar and The Mad King APK Info:

Balthazar Castillet travels time and space in search of cold cases from the past or future. Will you be able to help him on his investigations? When everyone is hiding something, how do you tell truth from lies? Put your detective talents to the test in this new adventure of Balthazar and the Mad King!

In this volume, you’re brought to the middle ages to discover what really happened to the young Isaure, on a tragic night in 1393. Learn more about medieval times with multiple games and charades. Solve mysteries and find new hints that will allow you to progress through the game. Interrogate suspects, consult your notes and unmask the murderer!


Play at an event or festival and find physical clues hidden in the area.

Play the public version and answer charades to find the clues.


Complex story from medieval folklore

Characters true to themselves and the setting

Fitting and enchanting music

Suspect and witness interrogations

Riddles and charades to acquire clues

Games and puzzles for all ages

Intuitive controls

Find clues in real life with the Special Event format

Refreshing graphic design

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Balthazar and The Mad King Balthazar and The Mad King

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