Asset Manager 7.2.4

Asset Manager 7.2.4
Version : 4.9.6
Price : €6.49
Mod :
PackeName : com.assetmgr
Developer : SegBay Software
Size : 6677201 (6.37 MB)
Compatible : Android
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WHATS NEW IN Asset Manager 7.2.4

    – Fixed a bug.

Asset Manager APK Info:

This app is perfect for keeping track of all your physical assets within your home or office. From electronic equipment to home entertainment devices, store everything in one place for easy tracking. At a glance, know the whereabouts of your assets by category, by location, or by status.

A simple and flexible home and office inventory management app featuring:


✓ Add as many assets as you wish.

✓ Place assets in an asset with unlimited hierarchy.

✓ Clone an existing asset and its images to quickly add a new one.

✓ Record asset maintenance history.

✓ Quickly make a list of items from your inventory for a particular purpose.


✓ Hide the asset fields that you don’t need.

✓ Enable plenty of custom fields.

✓ Customise the fields with various types – single-line, multi-line, image, signature, barcode, date, time, drop-down.


✓ Create backup files for your asset records and images to your device SD card and/or to the Cloud (Google Drive™ and Dropbox™).

✓ Restore the app from your backup files on SD card and/or in the Cloud (Google Drive™ and Dropbox™).

✓ Share your latest backup spreadsheet file with your email app.


✓ Print your assets to PDF or your chosen printer.

✓ Print your assets to spreadsheet to quickly share with someone.


✓ Scan a barcode with your device camera or with a Bluetooth scanner.

✓ Generate and print custom barcode for your assets with various formats (QR code, EAN, UPC, and lots more).


✓ Zoom in/out on images.

✓ Rotate and crop images.

✓ Rename image file names.

✓ Share a single image or all images for an asset.


✓ Enable background alerts on maintenance reminders.

✓ Choose your notification preferences – ring tone, vibrate.

✓ See at a glance your asset maintenance due for renewal today, tomorrow, in 2 days, and so on.

Discover and do lots more with Asset Manager.

Asset Manager Asset Manager

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