Alarm Clock Tokiko 4.3.1

Alarm Clock Tokiko 4.3.1
Version : 4.9.7
Price : €2.69
Mod :
PackeName : jp.favorite.alarmclock.tokiko
Developer : Hisao Kitamura
Size : 389895 (380.76 KB)
Compatible : Android
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WHATS NEW IN Alarm Clock Tokiko 4.3.1

    * Security update

Alarm Clock Tokiko APK Info:

This alarm clock is not only an alarm clock, but also cuckoo clock.

Multiple ararms are compounded in a group, and you could set this group’s all alarm only one touch!

Snooze is disabled when installed.

(Menu -> Settings -> Snooze)

Skip Function:

If you set up ‘skip’ for the alarm, the alarm will not ring only next time.

Its next alarm will ring as normal.

For example, it is useful when a plan has changed, alarms are no longer need that day.

Detail Function:

You could set the snooze time-out alarm time and for each group.

You will also be available further alarm that is locked with a key code.

In order to use this function, please enable the configuration.

(Menu -> Settings -> Use Advanced Setting)


Alarm Clock Tokiko Alarm Clock Tokiko

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